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About us

Our commitments

We are committed to produce and manufacture electric vehicles of excellent quality and comfort. We strive to reach 80% local content and thereby stimulating our local economy in every way possible.

Our focus

We have seen the need in the market for a greener and more eco friendly vehicle. The development and demand for transport with a low if not zero carbon footprint has become more and more a necessity instead of a hobby or just a fad.



Our vehicles are around 5 times cheaper to run if only the energy usage is taken as a yard stick. If the rest of the parameters are also taken into consideration it even becomes a better proposition.



For thousands of customers who drive themselves to work, to school, to run an errand, and who also drive themselves to reach a higher standard in everything they do – it’s just a phone call away to our company. We are  here to provide the best solution for your first mile, last mile transport problem.


Our aim is to assist you to get the most cost effective solution for your personal and business transport needs within the urban area of your city, town or farm.

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Snow vehicle