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The Owner

I am the sole Director of 2Life Shuttle (Pty) Ltd

My name is Adriaan Kruger and I am married to my wife Sonia. Apart from 2Life Shuttles we also have 2 other businesses, one that is a Travel Agency, 2Life Travel, (www.2lifetravel.co.za) and the other one 2Life Silk. The 2Life Group, and our names in particular, is a celebration of LIFE, as we not only take pride in what we do, we also enjoy it to serve people and help them realize their dreams.

We operate from Lynnwood Ridge, Pretoria in the beautiful South Africa.

We strive to be the best!

The Business

2Life Shuttles (Pty) Ltd is the sole distributor for the electric vehicles in our collection of electric cars and shuttles.

We have seen the need in the market for a greener and more eco friendly vehicle. The development and demand for transport with a low if not zero carbon footprint has become more and more a necessity instead of a hobby or just a fad.

Our vehicles are around 5 times cheaper to run if only the energy usage is taken as a yard stick. If the rest of the parameters are also taken into consideration it even becomes a better proposition.

We have a wide range of options available and demand dictates the model that we will and can supply.

The Electric Vehicle

Our neighbourhood electric vehicles (NEV) are more advanced and much safer as your run of the mill golf cart.

Although our 2 and 4 seat electric vehicles can be utilized for golf vehicles they are not golf carts per se as they have a wider wheelbase that makes them much more dependable in terms of stability and safety. Each seat is fitted with its own safety belt.

Our vehicles are in the first instance focused on being safe people carriers. Our vehicles are not as yet homologated in South Africa as the roadmap for electric cars and vehicles have not been finalized by DTI

Although our electric cars and commercial electric vehicles come standard with lead acid batteries we will be able to fit them with a Li-ion battery pack. The Li-ion battery pack gives a longer travel distance as well as shorter charging times for where short turn around times are needed. The Li-ion batteries also have a longer life span with more charging cycles.

At present we are importing the vehicles completely assembled but hope to have our assembly plant ready by middle 2014 so that we can manufacture locally.

Please browse our website to see the range of 2 seat, 4 seat, 6 seat, 11 seat, 14 seat and 1 seat for people with mobility challenges.

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