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Why Electric Vehicles?

Electric Vehicles (EV) or also referred to as Neighbourhood Electric Vehicles (NEV)

The question that is often asked, “Why the sudden interest in Electric Vehicles”? The answer is simple, it is long overdue! Electric vehicles have been coming and going the past number of years but never before have so many manufacturers entered the market simultaneously with electric cars of high quality and standard. With the development and improvement of the Li-ion battery packs longer reach distances are now possible. More and more cities and even governments are realizing that we need to seek an alternative to fossil fuels. These vehicles are inexpensive to run with very small Carbon Footprint.

We bring you electric vehicles that are the middle of the road between your traditional golf cart on the one side and your luxury sedan car on the other side. They are often just referred to as Electric Vehicles EV or more commonly nowadays as Neighbourhood Electric Vehicles or NEV.

Our Electric cars and Electric shuttles are more advanced in design with a wider wheel base and therefore more stable and thus much safer to drive. As a means of transport on the short haul or for transporting staff and or clients the risk for injury and thus possible liability claims are nullified.


We are constantly improving on our Electric Vehicles to fit in with the needs of our South African market.

We have therefore developed an off road version of our standard 4 seat model electric car. Other models will follow suit when the demand is there.

We will also be looking at the 4 X 4 option in the near future for those that have a preference and taste for that.

These Electric cars however are the ideal vehicles for game viewing at lodges as they are quiet and non obtrusive, apart from being eco friendly vehicles.It is also ideal for patrols on the perimeter of security estates.


A vehicle for the physically challenged

The “Hippo” electric vehicle has a ramp at the back for easy access with a wheelchair!

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